Terms and Conditions

  1. RP GAME PACKS (RPGP) will not be liable for any ban accounts in anyway. Always purchase at your own risk.
  2. All payments are to be paid in full before being put in queue or order fulfilled.
  3. Transactions by PayPal will require buyer to be verified. For more information on how to verify your PayPal account please contact PayPal directly.
  4. By agreeing to sign-up for an account, you are agreeing to provide personal information such as IP address, Name, Billing Address, Email address, Game account informations such as: Ingame Nickname, Login details. Contact details such as: Skype ID, WeChat ID, Line ID, Telephone numbers. RPGP will store client’s details only for the sake of transaction purposes. We will in no way or form, disclose any of these details or use these details in Marketing campaigns outside of RPGP.
  5. All orders are deemed complete as at receipt of payments. No disputes of claims should be made against RPGP Goods sold are of a service nature, thus no physical delivery is needed.
  6. In the event we are unable to process your order, we are fully obliged to do a complete refund your of your order.
  7. RPGP reserve the right to reject any orders.
  8. Any false accusations against RPGP Games may or will be met with legal proceedings deemed fit by the Court of Law.
  9. Please only provide genuine information when registering for an account or making a transaction. RPGP will reserve the rights to reject any transactions that do not meet any process of verification.has the rights to obtain verification from any registered users to deem that accounts created and transacted with are of a genuine nature.