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By now, the social RPG genre has found a pretty comfortable groove. Take some kind of battle mechanic, staple the now-standard collect, fuse, evolve leveling system onto it, and make sure you have an ever-expanding line-up of desirable goodies for players to chase after. The recipe is simple enough, though finding success with it is another matter. There’s a lot of competition, and players have got to be getting a little tired of the same old. That’s likely as good an explanation as any for why the social RPG genre has started to stretch its legs out a little. If there’s one company that has been trying seemingly every permutation of features to try to score a hit, it’s Square Enix. Very few of their efforts have ever left the shores of Japan, but that might be starting to change. Not long ago, we saw a wide release for Kingdom Hearts  Union X and now we’ve got one for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Square’s collaboration with Brave Frontier  developers Alim.


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